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The Pantheon's Cast

Satan, aka Lucifer, Prince of Darkness and hero of this webcomic Jesus Christ, superstar and son of God The Judaeo-Christian God. Not an advocate of polytheism The seven-headed dragon of the Apocalypse Judaeo-Christian angels and demons Holy Mary, mother of God..
Satan Jesus God The Seven-headed Dragon Angels and Demons The Virgin Mary
Pan the Big Man Hermes, messenger of the gods and kleptomaniac Artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt Apollo, naturist and patron of the arts Zeus, king of the Olympian gods and father of most of them Hera, wife of Zeus and mother of some of the Olympian gods
Pan Hermes Artemis Apollo Zeus Hera
Ares, god of war Centaurs - half man, half horse Nymphs, always nude and incurably giggly Pegasus the winged horse Cerberus, three-headed guard dog of the Underworld Hades, lord of the dead and nagging neighbour
Ares Centaurs Nymphs Pegasus Cerberus Hades
Heroes and demigods Athena, goddess of wisdom Priapus, he of the enormous phallus Dionysos, aka Bacchus, god of wine
Greek Heroes Athena Priapus Dionysos
Thoth, patron of scribes and compulsive protester The goddess of vengeance Anubis, god of the dead Bast, goddess of love and sex Osiris, Lord of the Dead Horus, king of the gods
Thoth Sekhmet Anubis Bast Osiris Horus
Min, phallic fertility god Hathor, celestial goddess
Min Hathor
Shiva, Lord of Destruction and part-time publican Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles Parvati, aka Kali, Durga and Bhumi
Shiva Ganesha Parvati
Allah, the one god of the Muslims Jinn, perpetual nuisances of the Arabian world Islamic angels Allat, al-Uzza and Manat, Allah's daughters Iblis, the Islamic Satan - portrait soon Iblis' sons, Atam, Mutaqadi and Kuhayl. Portrait soon.
Allah Jinn Islamic angels Allah's daughters Iblis Iblis' sons
Little Islamic devils
Islamic devils
Epona, goddess of horses Thor, Norse thunder god and pillock Ukko, Finnish thunder god and pillock Lord Foozle, creator deity of the Gribbles Lady Fuzzle, other creator deity of the Gribbles Lugh, Celtic god of being good at everything
Yi the Archer Marduk, Babylonian hero-god William Shakespeare, revered English god Cock-a-doodle-do! Kokopelli, phallic flautist.
William Shakespeare
Peter Pan
(Native American)
Metrobius, Greek goatherd and lover of Satan Look out! Christians! Damned souls. Found in Hell. Evil movie villains, also found in Hell Nikos and Alexandros, Apollo's shepherds
Metrobius Christians Damned Souls
Apollo's Shepherds
Beryl, Jesus' sheep Angus, Satan's sheepdog Adam, a troublesome unicorn Cedric, Athena's owl
(a sheep)
(a dog)
(a unicorn)
(an owl)

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