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Jesus Christ, Saviour of Mankind, Son of God, the Messiah, etc.

Jesus is very decent, as divine beings go. He cares very much about his believers and is famous for never smiting them, even if they tell him to go jump.

Strictly speaking a demigod (and by logical extension a hero), Jesus spends half his time being disillusioned about humanity and the other half hoping against hope that things will improve in the future. His one utter conviction is that the world would be a better place if people just took the trouble to be decent to each other. He tried telling everyone this while he was on earth as a mortal, but it clearly didn't sink in, because two thousand years later they're still killing each other over what he actually said.

He is loyal to his father, of course, but has been known to lose his temper if God appears to be behaving in hypocritical or morally suspect ways.

Jesus has a sheep named Beryl, who obviously believes the sun shines out of him. He also recently had a unicorn, whom he named Adam. Beryl and Adam did not get on, and their feuding caused no end of trouble (see The Virgin and the Unicorn). He finally managed to donate Adam to his mother, Mary.

Jesus is officially celibate, because that means a lot to his believers. He is not, however, above temptation, as Hermes proved in The Virgin and the Unicorn.

And yes, he probably does get crucifixion flashbacks.

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