The virgin goddess of the hunt, known to the Romans as Diana.

Artemis has one need in this world, and that's to hunt down and kill large furry animals. She finds it therapeutic, and as such, when she is prevented from doing so, she has to find other targets for her arrows, such as her twin brother's rear end.

She disapproves of the other Greek gods' sexual escapades, which seem to her frivolous and boring. As a result, Jesus is a good friend of hers, another sanely celibate being in a world of orgiasts...

The myths says Artemis has a large group of attending nymphs whom she punishes if they stray away from her to other gods, or mortal men. She may therefore be Sapphic in persuasion and secretly indulging her passions. If such is the case, love between two women must be undetectable by unicorns' Virginscope, because Adam never had an inkling.

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