Angels and Demons

Angels have halos and white wings and live in Heaven. Demons have horns and black wings and live in Hell.

Judaeo-Christian angels are supposed to be pure spiritual beings. According to the official sources, they're asexual and insubstantial and generally not very exciting. But if this is the case, where do cherubs come from? One would think that baby angels come from the mating of grown-up angels. There are, therefore, in The Pantheon's universe, both male and female angels, as well as demons and demonesses. We haven't seen any of the female varieties yet, but they do exist.

An archangel. Usually to be found answering God's PrayerLink telephone, which fields mortal requests for attention. God will sometimes speak to the caller, if he feels their prayer is important enough, otherwise, he lets Michael take a message. Michael is very much the odd-jobs angel, and tends to get lumbered with things God doesn't fancy doing himself, such as finding their religion a new Satan.

A demon. One of the angels who, like Satan, was outraged at the idea of God lying to them and was thus cast down into Hell. There's nothing particularly special about him, except that he takes his job seriously and is the inventor of those infernal portable communication devices known as Hellphones.

An archangel, and a very important one as far as Satan is concerned, as they were once lovers. Their relationship fell apart when Satan discovered God had been lying to the angels and Gabriel refused to believe it. He did save Satan's life because he couldn't bear to watch God destroy him, but he now despises Satan with all the burning passion only a fundamentalist in denial can muster.

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