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Greek god of forests and pastoral landscapes. Lives in Arcadia.

Pan is a fertility god, which means he's rather well-endowed below the waist (though perhaps not as well as some - see Priapus). His aims in life are to eat lots of grapes, drink lots of wine and to bonk as many nymphs as possible. His needs are few.

He and Satan get on very well for the most part, as to Pan's trickster-god mentality the idea of tempting Christians sounds like jolly good fun. He's not even averse to being stuck with the official job while Satan weasels out of it (see Temptation).

Practically nothing in the world can disturb or embarrass Pan, except for the Lady Epona, Romano-Celtic goddess of horses and cavalry. He lives in fear of the rest of the world finding out what she said to him the one time they.. er.. met. As a general rule, he runs in the other direction whenever he sees her coming.

Until recently, Pan was out of favour on Mount Olympus, owing to a feud with his father, Hermes. This was finally cleared up in The Virgin and the Unicorn, although the identity of Pan's mother is still in doubt.

Like Satan, Pan also gets on well with Jesus, though he's at a loss to understand how the Son of God can stand the shame of being a virgin. His relations with God are not so cordial, mostly as a result of this incident.

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