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Yaweh or Jehovah, the god of the Jews and Christians.

These days they'd have you believe God's really quite nice and loving and doesn't smite people into small piles of dust.

Certainly he doesn't do this as often as he used to, but he still sends bad Christians to Hell and he still refuses to acknowledge the validity of any belief system other than his own.

He uses Satan as a scapegoat so he can appear to be the Ultimate Good. Most Christians fall for this, but Jesus can see right through it. This has occasionally led to Tension in Heaven.

Contrary to popular belief, God has no objection to homosexuality (which is probably the most praiseworthy thing about him). It must be stressed that Satan's sexual orientation had nothing to do with God's kicking him out - indeed, Satan's ex-lover, Gabriel remains one of the highest-ranking angels. God being non-sexual himself, though he certainly is male, he probably considers the sexuality of angels and mortals to be none of his business. He certainly delights in thwarting homophobic priests, such as Sydney's Reverend Fred Nile.

He also (usually when people aren't expecting it) exhibits a certain sense of humour.

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