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The First Ten Episodes/"In the Beginning"

Episode 1 - In which Satan meets Pan and they find they have a number of things in common.
Episode 2 - The infamous mooning incident.
Episode 3 - In which the Lamb of God is pursued by a lamb.
Episode 4 - In which Jesus gets a birthday present.
Episode 5 - In which Pan and some nymphs make carnal embrace and Satan's sexual inclination is revealed.
Episode 6 - In which the Seven-headed Dragon of the Apocalypse makes a right nuisance of himself.
Episode 7 - In which Satan drops in on a shepherd.
Episode 8- The Mardi Gras comic. In which it is revealed that Reverend Fred Nile has no support from Above.
Episode 9 - The PDI Pantheon from Keenvention and its postscriptum. My first crossover. There's another crossover with PDI that I did as a guest strip much later that continues this story. Here it is. Anubis and Fosa, oh my!
Episode 10 - In which Satan puts his big red dragon to good use.

The Centaurs Trilogy
An exploration of some of the biological problems centaurs have to face. This little storyline also introduces Pan's chief nemesis - Epona, the Celtic goddess of horses.

A few more random episodes

Episode 14 - "..to sodomy - it's between God and me.." Is Pan out of touch with his believers' needs?
Episode 15 - In which Satan comes home in a good mood.
Episode 16 - This one's for anyone who's ever been plagued by Christians.
Episode 17 - The Temptation of the Serpent! Satan sets Pan straight on the way things were in the Garden of Eden.
Episode 18 - In which Satan comes home in a bad mood.
Episode 19 - On mobile phones.

The "Fallen Angel" Trilogy
A discussion of God's gender causes Satan to tell the true story of his "fall from grace". Theological stuff about God's real motives.
Interesting related links: see "Satan" in the cast pages and, for an insight into Satan's psychology back before he had it all figured out, read "Walking in Shadows - The Church"

Episode 23 - In which there is some good old-fashioned toilet humour. This is just a single episode between series, but it's good fun. It features a bunch of famous Greek heroes as well as the Seven-Headed Dragon.

A Little Shakespearian Nonsense (5-parter)
William Shakespeare is obviously a god. You only have to go on to a mailing list where they believe he was Shagsbere of Stratford and say he was Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, to get an idea of how passionately his believers uphold his sacred image.

Episode 29
In which the nymphs are positioned for convenient viewing. Certain Dutch acquaintances of mine were sorely missing the nymphs, so I put them out of their misery.

A Tribute to Villains (another 5-parter)
The storyline voted 'least likely to get past the copyright if The Pantheon ever comes out in print form'. Examines the fate of Villains once they die. Certainly they all go to Hell, but who says Satan punishes them? Also looks at the concept of actor-character delocalisation, a phenomenon which results in movie characters taking on a life of their own as a result of the force of belief from the movie's audience.
Features Don Beech off 'The Bill' (in 2001), the Sheriff of Nottingham from 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves', Hans Gruber from 'Die Hard', Darth Vader ('Star Wars', obviously), the Marquis de Sade from 'Quills' (mentioned, but not seen), Mervin, the Sheriff of Rottingham from 'Robin Hood, Men in Tights' and Scar from 'The Lion King'.

Episode 31 - Guest strip for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. Currently slap-bang in the middle of "Tribute to Villains" - it needs moving.

Episode 36 - Happy first birthday, Pantheon!

Metrobius in the Underworld
Metrobius goes to Satan's house. Various things happen. There is sex.

Random Thursday Art

Before I started updating twice a week I updated once a week - Pantheon episode on Monday, random art on Thursday. These appeared in the middle of "Metrobius in the Underworld" and "Oblivion":
Random Thursday Art I - From the Harry Potter books: Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House.
Random Thursday Art II - Mmm! Bish from Pewfell Porfingles wearing naught but a figleaf held on by Divine Grace! Inspired by the "Wizard of Oss" storyline.
Random Thursday Art III - Ian Griffith from Ian and the Nessie. And a wolf.
Random Thursday Art IV - Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.
Random Thursday Art V - Some Discworld fanart, based on a quote I found in the Thieves' Guild Diary.
Random Thursday Art VI - Wedding Tackle. Need more be said?
Random Thursday Art VII - A poem about the characters of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.
Random Thursday Art VIII - Hoorah! 10,000 hits since November! Yummy pic of Satan.

Really just the end of "Metrobius in the Underworld", but given a separate title because Oblivion is a noteworthy place - it's where creator deities come into being and where Metrobius tries his hand at godding. It also features those extremely memorable deities Lord Foozle the Eater of Testicles and the Goddess Fuzzle, who's just as bad. For those of you made incredulous by Foozle's intended method of creating the world, it's nothing special, honestly. Lots of gods did it that way, as a delve into any good book of creation myths will tell you.

Episode 51 - In which there is a small flying boy who crows like a rooster. This is another one of those one-offs and it's among my favourite episodes. Pan versus Peter Pan.

More Judaeo-Christian theology here, the theory being that God wants Christians tempted by an "evil" being so they will maintain their strength of belief. Satan doesn't see why he should oblige, so he quits and goes to Mount Olympus for a holiday. God then finds himself in need of a new devil... The concept of believer imperative also rears its ugly head here - that is, if humans believe anything strongly enough, eventually the god will be shaped to fit the belief. It's possible to fight believer imperative, but not easy, as Satan learns.

Random Art - Satan and Metrobius on Heron Island. Art for my field trip.

Random Art - In which Hermes suffers greatly. The celibate ones are by definition more exciting.

Thoth and Ganesha Take on Humanity
This storyline's about a lot of things, but it continues on from "Temptation" in the sense that Ganesha feels himself to be a helpless victim of believer imperative - oppressed by the very mortals who worship him. Finding a willing ally in Thoth, he sets out to destroy humanity so that godkind will be free from their influence. As it transpires, Thoth and Ganesha are too nice to do any real harm, but they're not the only ones interested in the cause.
An interesting range of gods we haven't met before make their appearance in this storyline, notably Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sekhmet the Egyptian goddess of vengeance, Shiva, the Hindu Lord of Destruction (currently running a pub) and the constantly-aspecting Parvati, wife of Shiva.

Even in Arcadia
EIA is not a Pantheon storyline, it's a crossover with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. In order for it to make sense, you need to have read a fair chunk of the ROCR archives and the unfinished 'Keenquest' - the quest for the fabled Towel of Douglas Adams. It's sitting in my archives because it might as well be there as anywhere else.

Random Art: "A-hunting we will go, my lads" - This is a scene from PG Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster book, 'The Mating Season'. It's got a big blurb on the top of it, no need to go into detail here.

The Virgin and the Unicorn
The trouble with being a virgin in Arcadia is that sooner or later you'll attract a unicorn. And unicorns cause no end of trouble...
Mostly concerned with the Greek gods and their relationships. And sheep. This is also the storyline in which The Pantheon scales to new heights of blasphemy, with the infamous Jesus/Hermes kiss. Nothing is sacred, my friends. ;)

Guest Weeks
Three weeks' worth of guest art from fans. Great stuff!

The Day of the Phallus
In which Priapus and a number of other phallic deities attempt to have an exclusive private conference. But it doesn't stay exclusive and private for very long...

A fun guest storyline by Skippy the Klingon in which the universe is invaded by "tellyangelgits".

The Daughters of God
The Christians and Muslims are fighting again, and Jesus has had enough. God doesn't seem to care, so the Messiah takes action on his own. He, Metrobius and a rather reluctant Satan go to the Islamic universe to find Allah, and a solution to the problem.

The Adamantine Sickle
The centaurs Archibald and Horatio are on a quest to locate the famous Adamantine Sickle of Kronos, which they would like to use for an... umm... historical recreation. With Priapus playing the part of Ouranos, because the Lady Epona's gone and fallen in love with him, the spoilsport. Theoretically one day this storyline will get finished.

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