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One day I'm theoretically going to upload the missing pages of the aborted version of The Adamantine Sickle, along with whatever else takes my fancy. But in the meantime, have some links to other good stuff:

Cuore Voodoo and Sinner Dragon

The Bare Pit and Magellan

Zeera the Space Pirate

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Much the Miller's Son


Suburban Jungle

Dog's Days of Summer


Male Submission Art - particularly NSFW.

About the Author

Why, that would be me.

Australian, now 30 (gasp), FTM transsexual, gay (as if you couldn't tell that), effectively married to a great big Fuzzy. Known as Rah, Rahball or Tim. Also responsible for CRE'ATURES (selling fuzzy things - mostly on hiatus at the moment due to me having a real job) and The Dark Lord's Garden (another even more NSFW webcomic).

Influences and favourite stuff - Asterix, Footrot Flats, The Killer Condom, Monty Python, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (in particular, Good Omens), P.G. Wodehouse, Robert J. Sawyer and, I won't lie, I have enjoyed me some Laurell K. Hamilton. And, yeah, Harry Potter, but that kind of goes without saying.

If you want to keep track of me, I have: Livejournal and Dreamwidth (personal accounts) and the Pantheon Comics LJ commmunity where I (used to!) make announcements and stuff. (Dark Lord's Garden also lives on Dreamwidth). There's Twitter, which at the time of this update I am most prolific on. Also, DeviantART, Fur Affinity and y!Gallery.

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