Greek goatherd and lover of Satan.

Not being from a Christian culture, Metrobius doesn't think of Satan as the Devil, he thinks of him simply as one of the gods of the barbarian peoples in Judaea. As Greek gods are famous for their sexual interaction with mortals, it's not so strange to him that a barbarian deity should wish to have an intimate relationship with a mortal man.

Metrobius is well aware that as a mortal he could easily be taken advantage of by his lover, and he's not one to let himself be pushed around. If he feels strongly enough about something, he'll fight.

He's also much more concerned with the welfare of others than Satan. Whereas Satan will conclude there's no point interfering, or can't be bothered, Metrobius will make a real effort to set things right (for example, see the Gribbles incident).

The four parallel scars on his right cheek he got from Satan during the events of the Temptation storyline. He probably thinks they make him look rogueish and interesting.

Metrobius' relationship with Will Shakespeare probably also deserves a mention here. That is to say he doesn't have one, but it's a pretty sure bet that if he wasn't with Satan he'd be with Shakespeare. Read whatever symbolism you like into that. In addition to which, Metrobius owns a certain red and blue-chequered codpiece which once belonged to the great man himself. He got it for the price of a sonnet and, possibly, a kiss.

His name, by the way, comes from the Roman historian Plutarch's works (indirectly, via Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series). The real Metrobius was an actor and the lover of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, one of the great Roman generals in the years before Caesar.

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